It's grinding time, and Makita has come to play!

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Makita Angle Grinder Kit Tool Review Rating


The box comes packed with the Makita 18-Volt Brushless Angle Grinder, two 18V batteries, two discs, a dual-port charger and storage bag. The storage bag was actually a great  quality. I may or may not use this bag for something else! This kit is well worth the price tag. There are some affiliate links in this post, meaning I get a small commission if you purchase through these links, at no cost to you. Click Here to read my full disclosure.

Makita 8-Volt 5.0Ah X2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36-Volt) Brushless Angle Grinder Kit Tool Review


I'm not even going to lie, when I pulled the grinder out of the box my reaction was "Holy Smokes" thats big. This grinder is no little tool. It weighs about 12 pounds and its heavy duty for sure. Surprisingly, after turning on for the first time it wasn't as intimidating but this baby has got some power.

Makita 18-Volt 5.0Ah X2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36-Volt) Brushless Angle Grinder Kit Tool Review

When I first picked up the angle grinder I thought it would be a little awkward to hold just by the way the design looked but with the handle that's attached at the top, once I got the angle grinder into a good position, it didn't feel uncomfortable at all. I also, noticed that the body of the actually grinder was very durable and well built.

Part of me wishes I had a bigger piece of metal to cut with because the little metal bars I cut with this grinder was no match for it. It was like cutting paper. I can imagine that this grinder could handle massive pieces of metal if need be.


Makita 18-Volt 5.0Ah X2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36-Volt) Brushless Angle Grinder Kit Tool Review


I am all about safety; especially when it pertains to a tool that I don't have a lot of experience with. The electric brake on the angle grinder stops the grinding or cut-off wheel in 2 seconds or less for maximum productivity. In addition to that, the electronic torque control turns the motor off if the rotation speed suddenly slows or the wheel is forced to stop. Makita's automatic speed change technology adjusts speed and torque during use for the best possible performance.

Makita 18-Volt 5.0Ah X2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36-Volt) Brushless Angle Grinder Kit Tool ReviewCORDLESS

This will always be a favorite feature of mine, because lets face it! No one wants to hassle with a cord. This Makita Angle Grinder takes two 18V batteries (which are also compatible with many other Makita branded tools). I also like that Makita put indicators on their batteries so you can see how much juice is left on your battery. I hate playing the guessing game with batteries so they get a thumbs up from me for that feature.

Makita 18-Volt 5.0Ah X2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36-Volt) Brushless Angle Grinder Kit Tool Review


Makita 18V Brushless Angle Grinder Kit Tool Review

I couldn't imagine handling this thing without a handle so it makes this one of my favorite features. I also like that they give you the option to put the handle on either side. Can't forget about the leftys! Even being right handed, there may be some situations where I could benefit from switching the handle.


 Although I don't have much experience with angle grinders, I can imagine that having variable speed would make this tool that much better. But it is already great as is.

This Makita 18-volt Brushless Angle Girnder Kit retails for $399.00 at The Home Depot. Purchase Here.

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January 24, 2018 — Ashley Basnight
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