Adding some character to your walls? Make sure you have the right tools!

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Who doesn't love a good wall treatment?  I have been dying to do some wall treatments and have been researching for what tools I need and wanted to share some cool tools I've found that can help you when tackling wall a wall project.
Wall paneling with an industrial feel
Luckily, my friends with Urban Wall Design have been there to help me along the way! They are a Husband and Wife Custom Woodworking team and these guys are absolutely amazing! They left me no choice but to share their awesome projects with you. Just look at this wall! Pure Talent!
Rustic Wall Treatments by Urban Wall design 

All of the wall photos featured in this post are designs by Urban Wall Design and you're in for a real treat! Be sure to go check these guys out on Facebook and Instagram

Lets get to it!
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Tool 1: Ryobi Brad Nailer

When doing wall treatments such as board and batten and shiplap, I think most can agree that you need a good nail gun, and it’s only right that I recommend my favorite brad nailer. The Ryobi .

Wall Treatment Urban Wall Design

This tool is my top favorite Ryobi tool and one of my top 5 tools of all time. I especially love it because it’s easy to use, doesn’t break the bank and functionally is a really great tool. I think Candi would agree!

Tool 2: Bosch Self-Leveling Laser 

If you are the meticulous type, you will find this tool most useful. This Bosch Self-Leveling Laser is a tool that projects two lines, making a cross-line projection; making alignment and leveling easier.

Bosch Self-Leveling Laser

Once your line is in place you can lock it at any angle. Wall treatments can be a tedious job and planning out my wall projects just got a lot easier with this tool.

Tool 3: Bosch Laser Measure

Bosch Laser Measure

Anyone else hate using a tape measure for walls? I know I do. Unless you’re doing a wall project for a standard 8’ foot room. Measuring a wall can get sticky!

The walls in my home are 10ft. and 12 ft. and I have tried measuring with a tape measure; so I am here to save you some hassle. For taller walls I would suggest this Bosch Laser Measure. One button click activates the laser and measures in real time and to take it further it will also calculate area and volume in addition to measuring distances. I was eager to see how accurate this tool could be and after testing it out a couple of times. 99% of the time the tool was accurate. The one time it wasn't 100%, it was only off by an 8th of an inch. In my book, for a digital tool..that's not too bad.

Wall Board and Batten by Urban Wall Design

The small square shape will ensure the tool stays steady while on a flat surface. If your tackling a huge wall like Candi did in this picture above, this is the tool for you.

Tool 4: Ridgid Miter Saw

With most projects you need a good miter saw! I have hade this Ridgid Miter saw for a little while now and I am super impressed with it. I love the crown molding feature on the saw and with the lifetime warranty you can't beat it.

Ridgid 12in Sliding Miter Saw with 70 degreee bevel capacity

This saw features a 70 degree bevel capacity which means you can cut angles for days. With all the cuts it takes to create a great wall project, make sure you have the right saw to do it. To see a video of this saw in action, click here.

Tool 5: Dremel Oscilating Tool

I hope you weren’t thinking you were going to get away with not taking off those baseboards. In planning out my wall projects, the thought of removing/cutting into my baseboards did make me want to hold off but now that I have the Dremel 3-Saw Combo Kit that includes the Multi-Max Dremel Oscillating Tool,  I feel more confident that it won’t be such a hassle.

Wall Herringbone Paneling - Urban Wall Design

If you want your wall project to be as seamless as this one, don't cheat on those baseboards. Grab the right tool and get the job done!

Well, I think you're all set to get those wall projects started! But it wouldnt be right to leave without showing off one more Urban Wall Design!

Wall Paneling in the living room  by Urban Wall Design

Don't forget to go check out my friends over at Urban Wall Design and Happy Walling!

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January 28, 2018 — Ashley Basnight