"The Dremel 4V Rotary Tool is carving its way through."

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With thanksgiving around the corner, I figured I would get into the holiday spirit by making something festive around the house. So I decided to create this fun and easy project, a pumpkin candle order, and I have a little help from my friend, the Dremel 4V Rotary Tool.

Pumpkin Candle Holder featuring Dremel 4V Rotary Tool

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Step 1: Trace Circle

The first thing I did was use my glass candle holder to trace the circle I wanted to cut on top of the pumpkin. I just used a regular marker to mark the circle onto the pumpkin.

Carved Pumpkin Holder featuring Dremel 4V Rotary Tool

Step 2: Cut the Circle

Then I started cutting the circle using my Dremel 4V Rotary Tool. I decided to use a blade from my Dremel EZ lock cutting kit to help me get the job done.

Carved Pumpkin Holder featuring Dremel 4V Rotary Tool

The Dremel 4V Rotary tool was designed for beginner crafters and DIYers, so don't be intimidated by this tool. Even if you are new to using rotary tools, it allows you to approach rotary easily with this cordless tool. I love that it's small and compact and easy to handle.

Carved Pumpkin Holder featuring Dremel 4V Rotary Tool

I also love that it has a lot of flexibility with all of the different accessories, making it the perfect tool for jobs in and around the home.

Step 3: Decorate

After I cut the whole out, I placed in my glass candle holder to make sure it fit and added flowers and floral to decorate it.

Pumkin Candle Holder

I also added some floral foam into the bottom to give the candle some height, and WAAA-LAH! We are finished. I know, that seems very easy right? Well it was.

Check out the video below to see how this fun project came to life.
Let's take one more look at how it turned out. The perfect addition to your fall decorations.
Pumpkin Candle holder using Dremel 4V Rotary Tool
Thanks for reading guys. XOXO, Ashley

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October 30, 2019 — Ashley Basnight