Faux brick, carpet , bamboo floors, shiplap all in one room? Sign me up!

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When I bought my house, I definitely wasn’t thinking about natural light, and even though I LOOOOVE my first home, theres only one room that gets decent natural lighting. Go figure! With being a blogger and trying to take decent photos, this one room was starting to get old.

I absolutely love that my house came with grey walls and pretty beige carpet. I fell in love at first sight, but I started to notice the pictures I was staging were starting to look a little too similar for my liking!

DIY Console and DIY Cabinet

So I got the cool idea to make feature wall boards and use other home items to re-create my “golden room” into the perfect picture room.

For the sake of this post I have taken shots to show off some of my smaller feature boards and photos of how a photo can look if you photo it properly.

I am sharing my favorite backdrop combo first!


Concrete lamp in front of lime washed faux brick

Home Depot sells these faux brick panels that are perfect for a back drop. You can opt to keep it the natural brick color and boom another feature wall, or you can do like I did and give it a more modern look.

Chalk paint is my ABSOLUTE favorite type of paint, mostly because of the dry time. It can be a little pricey but well worth it in my opinion.

Faux brick painted with Rustoleum Chalk Paint

I first painted all my brick panel in this RustOluem “Aged Gray.” Next I painting the lines in between the bricks white and then lightly brushed white over the brick pieces in different areas. After that I mixed some of the white and grey together and painted over certain spots. There’s no real technique to this part, you can make it look as distressed as you want it.

Faux brick painted with Rustoleum Chalk Paint

For the bottom of the picture I used a bamboo rug! How clever is that? An inexpensive way to create a hardwood floor look. Ive shown staged pictures to my friends with this rug and they always say “Im so jealous of your floors” haha imagine their faces when I tell them its only a rug, and an inexpensive one at that!

With this brick feature wall and bamboo rug, that now creates  extra looks for me to stage my photos. Like brick and carpet!

Home Decor staged in front of wall boards

This faux brick also looks great for a faux fireplace. I teamed up with Home Depot to create this faux fireplace; and created two faux brick looks, to see the tutorial on how I created this Fireplace click here!

DIY faux fireplace featuring lime washed faux brick panel

Here's a shot of the fireplace with the bamboo rug! This shot has a different faux brick and is included on the Home Depot post! This picture features limewash! I just love the way it changes the look of the room!

Faux fireplace featuring lime washed faux brick panel


Home decor staged in front of shiplap wall

I was working on a project and had a mdf board left over so I figured why not create a simple white feature wall board. I wanted it to look like shiplap but I defintely didn’t want to spend the time creating a real shiplap board so I used my handy dandy dremel to create a similar look! It was super easy and took half the time to create the look I was going for. I used the Multi-Max Flush Cut Blade to make the line cuts. This blade can cut doorjambs, windowsills, copper water pipes and more! I am a new found dremel lover. There's so much you can do with this thing!

Dremel Multi-Max Rotary Tool

My MDF board was a ½”. You can buy a full 4x8 sheet of this for about $20 which is super inexpensive, especially for a feature wall board. You can either use the whole board or cut it to a desired size. The choice is yours!

MDF clamped down

To start I used an additional board 6" wide to help mark the shiplap lines. I clamped the board down and traced a line along the back of the additional board, for when I unclamped and moved the board down. Then I used the dremel to make a line down the mdf board. I had to go over the line about 15 times to make the line deep enough.

Dremel Multi Max Rotary Tool

Once finishing all the lines, I used some leftover Behr White Paint to paint the MDF and waaaa-laahhh another feature board.

Home Decor staged

I can't wait to create more looks!

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July 28, 2017 — Ashley Basnight