When I saw the plans for this on Ana White’s website it was like DIY Love at first Sight..

This build was pretty easy for me!! and I was super excited to be able to use my Kreg Jig again (love that thing!). Here’s a picture of the frame!!


I was so excited about it that I had to take a pose with it before church haha


This is when I learned that MY BOARDS WERE UNEVEN!!!! haha a photo will tell it all…which brings me to my next point!!

Make sure you measure and mark EVERYTHING!!!! I know sometimes we like to think we have hawk eyes ( I’m really talking about myself) but its way better to measure each piece correctly then to have to undo screws and fix it (Which is what I had to do)

But after an hour of unscrewing! Yea an hour I finally got it looking right!!!


I applied the top and opted to do 45 degree cuts on the ends instead of the 60 degree  X angle cuts (mainly because my saw only goes up to 45 and I had trouble measuring the 60 degree angle ). With my way you can also add two more pieces of wood to have double X’s. All depends in what you like.

I used two coats of MinWax’s Dark Walnut for the finish and topped her off with two coats of the Minwax Water Based Polycyclic Protective Finish.









and my rustic console was Finished!!!


I ended up staging this piece for a friend to show her how to decorate it…This almost made me want to keep this for myself!!


Happy DIYing!!

October 13, 2016 — Ashley Basnight