I havent always been a fan of Shiplap but the more and more I see it the more and more I start to like it more and more. So I figured I'd start off with this small project to test the waters and I'm sold. I am now a Shiplap fan!

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This was a super easy project that anyone can handle. 
First I gathered all of my materials.

Materials Needed
Wooden Square - 12 5/8"x11 13/16
1 - 1x3 ( cut down to 5 (11 13/16"))
2 Quarters  


First I started by nailing the 1x3 blocks to the wooden square. I used to quarters to evenly space the blocks apart from each other.

After nailing down all the 1x3 boards, I begin filling all the nail holes

After filling the holes, I let the filler dry for about 5/10 min. and I sanded it down.

After sanding, I spray painted the Shiplap place mat, I let it dry and she was done.

This DIY project is sure to spice up any dinner party!

See it in action!

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May 26, 2017 — Ashley Basnight