Upgrade Your Home with Andersen Windows for a Whole New Look"

I think most people can agree that windows are always a major upgrade; and with Andersen Windows; you don't have to give up style for functionality. Today, I am excited to share my process of getting my new windows installed while sharing some good tips on how to pick out windows for your own home!

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Andersen Window Selection Guide

Now, I am no window expert, but luckily, I had a lot of help and direction from this amazing Window Selection Guide. If you need some help narrowing down your options, the Window Selection Guide is just for you!
Window Selection Guide
Sometimes half the battle is knowing what options exist; and I really love how Andersen breaks down all of the options for you in this guide. It really takes the guessing game out of the window buying process.
Andersen Window Selection Guide
The guide is full of detailed information that covers these three major questions you may have about your window selection process. If you have any of these questions in your head; this guide is just for you.

1. What type of windows do you want?

The first step in the window selection process is knowing the different types of windows and how they work.

2. What look are you going for?

Details like size, color, grilles, and hardware collectively create a look. Let's learn about all of the options Andersen has to offer.

3. What are your needs for energy efficiency?

Understanding glass types and glass upgrades is fundamental to selecting optimal windows for your climate and geographic location.


Andersen Window Colors

Window Installation

Now let's talk about my own personal window installation. Once my window order was placed and delivered, they were ready for install; which brings me to my next point, the Andersen Certified Contractor program can help you find the right contractor.

Andersen Find a Contractor

I didn't really have a clue as to who would be a good fit for window installation; but I was happy to find that Andersen provides local contractor recommendations based on your area. This allowed me to find a contractor quickly and after the installation; I was very pleased with their recommendation.

If you too are having issues finding an installer, head over to their website here to see their recommendations!

Andersen Windows Installing WindowsI opted to go with two separate styles of windows within the 100 Series - some incorporating colonial grilles and some without leaving the glass unobstructed.

 I was also glad to hear that Andersen Windows does specialty windows as well, to help replace my oddly shaped window in the front. Just look at the difference these windows made compared to the older windows! 

Andersen Windows Selection Guide

These picture windows were the perfect style for my lake house because I have an amazing view in my front yard. You want to make sure you pick something that best fits your needs and the needs of your home.

Andersen Windows Installation
It took roughly three days to install all thirty-two of my windows and I was very happy with my selections. Windows can be a pretty pricey purchase; so you want to make sure you are making selections that you will be happy with in the end.
Andersen Windows Selection Guide
After seeing the windows in a few of my rooms, I immediately knew I had discovered the perfect window solutions for my homes unique style. These black windows were the perfect addition to my new home.
Andersen Windows Selection Guide
If you are toying with the idea of new windows be sure to check out the Window Selection Guide to make your window buying process a breeze.
Andersen Windows Installation
As always, thanks for reading guys! XOXO Ashley
August 17, 2023 — Ashley Basnight