"This DIY Hall Tree Storage Bench is every modern girl's dream."

I’ve always thought of the entryway as the first impression of the home, because it’s the first thing you see when you walk through most doors. I like to think of it as a snapshot of what’s to come. Having a well-organized entryway is essential to having an uncluttered home.
With that in mind, I wanted to show you how to make this fun DIY Hall Tree with a Storage bench that can really bring your entryway to life, as well as serve as a functional storage space. Some may prefer function over style, but I say why not have both?
DIY Hall Tree with a Storage Bench
I specifically love that this Entryway Bench can function as two pieces. If your entryway isn’t super large for a credenza or large console table, the smaller storage bench is the perfect option for you.
It gives your guests a place to sit and take off their shoes and leaves an open space above to allow you to style your wall as you see fit. Keeping things simple and open makes the entire space feel bigger.
  DIy Storage Bench with grateful home decor
But, if you have a big family or lots of kids running around, the full hall tree with the wall paneled set may be the better option for you. The wall panel set adds extra space to store items like coats and purses and the slates on the wall panel set gives the room a modern, sleek look. Organization never looked better.
Hall Tree with Storage Bench

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Cut List

See Printable Plans for Detailed Cut List


Hall Tree Bench Printable Plans

Step 1: Assemble the Entryay Storage Bench

I first started off by assembling the bottom storage bench. I used 3/4" plywood to assemble a bulk of the storage bench and used my handy dandy Kreg Jig for most of the assembly.

3/4" plywood on top of Kreg Workbench

I was able to cut all of my plywood down to size using my Kreg Adaptive Cutting System. If you don't have a table saw this is a great alternative. It also feels a lot safer than that of a table saw. 

Kreg ACS3000 Adaptive Cutting System Plunge Saw & 62" Guide Track With Project TableI was able to assemble the drawer for the storage bench using my favorite right angle clamps and with the help of my Kreg drawer slides, I was easily able to create the drawer design.

I used 12” Drawer Slides for this particular build. I absolutely love the extra storage that this build provides.

Using Kreg Drawer Slides on a Storage benchOnce the drawer was put it, my storage bench was complete, now on to the wall paneling set.

DIY Storage Bench

Step 2: Assemble the Wall Paneling Set

To begin the wall paneled set, I first had to cut all of my 1x2s down to the correct sizing. Once I had my 1x2s cut I started attaching them together. 

Wall Paneled Hall Tree

First, I placed the 23” 1x2 on top of the first 1x2, and then drilled  a pilot hole first using a 5/32” drill bit, and then screwed in a 1 1/2" Wood Screws into both 1x2 boards to attach them together. Then repeated this step all of the way down.

Originally, I was going to have one big panel, but it became to heavy so I decided to have two even panels. No worries though; because once you hang them up, its gives the illusion of one.

Wall Paneled Set with Storage Bench

I love the look of the 1x2s together because it really brings that modern vibe. I had planned on adding shelves, but I still love how it looks without. I was drooling at this point.

DIY Hall Tree with Storage Bench

If you want to see the technique of how I created this wall paneled set, check out this video on how I made this paneled coat rack. I used the same technique that I used to create this hall tree.

Step 3: Prep the Hall Tree Storage Bench for Stain

Once the hall tree bench was all built, it was time to prep for stain. This is always my most least favorite part, but its an important step.

Hall Tree with Storage Bench

I first used my DAP Wood Filler to fill in all of the nail holes that I created on the panels and the storage bench. You definitely want to fill the nail holes on the wall panels to give them a seamless look.

Using Dap wood filler to fill wood

Next, I used to DAP Spackle to fill the plywood edges. This is a little trick I use to make plywood edges straight. Once I filled in all of the edges, I sanded her down with some sandpaper to make it nice and smooth for stain.

Dap caulking to fill plywood edges

Step 4: Stain the Hall Tree 

Once my build was all prepped, I begin staining. I decided to go with Rustoleum Kona Gel Stain and man did she look good. To apply the stain to the storage bench, I just used an old rag to wipe it down. I was able to easily apply it to the plywood and it made it look really good!

Using rustoleum Kona gel stain to stain a storage bench in a kitchen

For the wall paneling, I first wiped it down with a rag at first, but I noticed the color wasn't coming out as rich as the storage bench, so I decided to use a small foam brush to wipe the gel stain on and that definitely did the trick. The little foam brush also helped to get in between the cracks of the the panels.

As you can see, the second time through made the panels look rich. I applied a heavy amount the second time around to get that deep rich color.

Rustoluem Kona Gel Stain on a wall paneled hall tree bench

Step 5: Hang the Wall Paneled Set 

Now you may be thinking; how the heck did she get that hung up. Well its a little easier than you may think. I first put my storage bench where I wanted it and then set one of my panels on top.

Once I had one of the panels where I wanted it, I marked where the top 1x2 was on the wall so I would know where it needed to go and then I used this metal cleat hanging system to hang them on the wall.

You screw one side of the metal cleat system to the wall and then the other side to the paneled set, and it allows you to hang the panel right on the other side of the cleat. I did one side and then the other

I made sure to hang the panel set so that it sits right on the storage bench for extra support and that's ends the hall tree journey.

DIY Entryway Storage Bench

Whether you want to create a fun storage bench or the full hall tree, this project is the perfect addition for your home entryway.

As always, thanks for reading guys! XOXO, Ashley

April 04, 2020 — Ashley Basnight