“Who says plants can’t hang out in style?”

Hey guys! Angela here with Rustedpetal_ltd, here guest posting on the Handmade Haven blog. I am here and ready to walk you through how I made this Hanging Wall Planter. I had a blank space on the wall just outside of our deck doors that was screaming for something big and bold.

DIY Hanging Planter WallAfter hours on Pinterest I saw several similar succulent wall hangers and knew this was the perfect project for my deck.

Being up in Canada does pose a few challenges in trying to build similar items, as we don’t always have the same products available for purchase or the same growing window. (Though I wish we did)

DIY Hanging Planter

But with a few tweaks, I was able to come up with this beauty which is absolutely perfect in our space. Let’s check it out!

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* Most cuts are best made on the go to allow for minor variations in the wood *

Cut list:

  • 8 - Tongue and groove @ 36”
  • 1 - 1x 2 @ 33 ¼”
  • 2 - 1x 2 @ 39 3/4”
  • 4 - 1x 2 @ 35 3/4”
  • 1 – 1x3 @ 33 1/4”
  • 2 – 1x3 @ 41”
  • 2 – 1x3 @ 36”

Step 1: Cut Boards to Size

Cut your tongue and groove boards down to the necessary size. You will need 8 pieces cut at 36”

DIY Hanging Wall PlanterStep 2: Assemble Wall Planter Backing

Fit the tongue and groove together sliding the tongue into the groove, as shown below.

DIY Hanging Wall PlanterBefore attaching the bottom piece of tongue and groove, I ripped off the tongue on the table saw. (This can also be done with a circular saw, if you don’t have access to a table saw.)

DIY Hanging Wall PlanterNow flip the boards over so the back is facing up and take the 3 - 1x2 pieces and attach them to the back of the tongue and groove with a bead of wood glue and 1”brad nails and your brad nailer.

DIY Hanging Wall PlanterThis creates a frame around the hanging planter on the back and along the sides and the bottom. You will finish the framing on the back with the 1”x3” piece on the top.DIY Hanging Wall PlanterNow the back has a frame to hold everything together.DIY Hanging Wall Planter

Step 5: Add Frame to Hanging Wall Planter

Cut the 1x3 for the exterior frame and flip the tongue and groove right side up. Attach the frame pieces to the sides of the hanger using a bead of wood glue and 1 1/4” brad nails.DIY Hanging Wall PlanterWhen you have the border on, you will want to flip the hanger over and attach the 4 pieces of 1x2 boards (35 3/4”). They will go at 7 1/2”, 11 1/4”, 20 1/2” and 25” from the left. This is mainly an aesthetic step as the screws for the hanger will go through the tongue and groove and poke out the back.DIY Hanging Wall Planter

Step 7: Paint the Hanging Wall Planter

Now you are ready for paint or stain if you so choose.

DIY Hanging Wall Planter I used a pure white exterior paint to make sure the paint on the hanging planter would last throughout the seasons.DIY Hanging Wall Planter

Step 8: Paint Clay Pots

While the hanger is drying, you can grab your 6” pots and spray paint them white. For this particular project, you will need nine of them.DIY Hanging Wall PlanterI used Rust-Oleum painters Touch 2X ultra cover paint and primer. With paint and primer in one, it really gives the clay pots plenty of coverage.DIY Hanging Wall Planter

Step 9: Attach Plant Rings

Now you can attach the plant rings. They are spaced out 5 1/2” down from the top, 12’ in between the two sets and the bottom is 7 1/2’ up from the bottom.DIY Hanging Wall Planter

Once the pots are all dry, add your pots and you are ready to plant!DIY Hanging Wall PlanterNow pick a spot on your wall, attach your hanging wall planter and  and WAAA-LAAAH you are finished!

DIY Hanging Wall Planter

Now let’s take another look at this beauty! I used a heavy duty d-ring to hang it to my wall and it works like a charm.DIY Hanging Wall Planter

Pick your plants and herbs and have fun! Thanks for reading guys!

August 02, 2019 — Ashley Basnight