"A play kitchen hack that will have you reconsidering your kitchen design"

It's not often that I get to work on projects for kids, so I knew this would be a fun project to tackle and I am over the moon with how this play kitchen hack turned out. This project had me reconsidering my own kitchen design, I mean just look at it.

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DIY Play Kitchen Hack for kidsNow just wait until you see what it looked like before the transformation. I promise you will love it that much more once you see the before photo, here it is.

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DIY Play Kitchen Hack for kidsNow this little play kitchen was cute, but I knew I could bring a little more pizzaz to it and the best part is that I did this transformation using mostly only spray paint. That's right! I was able to transform this Kid's Modern Play Kitchen in one day using Rustoleum Spray Paint. As you can see it did not disappoint.

DIY Play Kitchen Hack for kids

The main colors I used for this DIY Kid's Play Kitchen were Rustoleum Deep Forest, which is hands down my new favorite color, Rustoleum Smokey Beige, which is more of a neutral color, Rustoleum Satin Bronze and Rustoleum black for the bottom of the Kid's play kitchen.

DIY Play Kitchen Hack for kids

This combination of colors really made this play kitchen hack come to life. Now let's dive into how I tackled this DIY Kid's Play Kitchen Hack.

To complete this project you will need the following materials , all available at The Home Depot:

The colors I used:

 Step 1: Remove Handles and Hardware

The fist thing I did to complete my Kid Play Kitchen was removing all of then handles and hardware. I used the Rustoleum Spray Paint - Satin Bronze to coat all of the handles and metal kitchen pieces. 

Rustoleum Spray Paint - Satin BronzeI really love how the bronze looks on the play kitchen handles; it really makes it pop. The satin finish also gives it a little sheen which is perfect for this DIY Play Kitchen. I also am a big fan of this spray bottle design because it makes it a lot easier on your hands when spraying.

Step 2: Tape off Kid's Play Kitchen

It would have been way easier to paint the pieces of the Kids Play Kitchen before putting it together but unfortunately this kitchen was already assembled, so I used painters tape to tape off the play kitchen, so I could begin spray painting the rest of the play set.

Kid's Play Kitchen

I also used some trash bags to help cover the Play Kitchen to eliminate using so much tape, this makes the process much easier.

Step 3: Spray Paint Play Kitchen 

Once I had the play kitchen taped off, I begin spray painting. I used the Rustoleum Spray Paint - Deep Forest for the outer part of the Kid's Play Kitchen and this is when I feel in love with the color. The satin gloss made it really shine. 

DIY Kids Play KitchenThen I used the bronze and Smokey Beige to spray the rest of the features on the Kid's Play Kitchen. I didn't worry about the inner parts of the top of the play kitchen because I knew I would be putting in wallpaper. 

Rustoleum Comfort Grip

Now I have to share one of my favorite tools to use while using spray paint. The Rustoleum Comfort Grip makes spray paint projects a whole lot easier and less painless. The normal spray paint tops can make spray painting unbearable sometimes because continuously pressing the spray paint top can sometimes cause hand cramps, but the attachment makes spray painting easy.

Rustoleum Spray PaintThe best part is that it easily attaches to the top of any can with a press of two side buttons. In less than five seconds you can create a better way of spraying.

The bottom of the play kitchen was coated in Rustoleum Spray Paint - Satin Black and it really made the modern legs on the Kids Play Kitchen look great.

Step 4: Reattach Hardware and Handles

After waiting about an hour or so, the spray paint was dry enough to touch so I began adding the handles and hardware back not he Kid's Play kitchen. I didn't use any big power tools on this play kitchen because its so fragile, instead I used my Dremel Go Screwdriver to add the hardware back on.

Kid's Play Kitchen

 Step 5: Add Backsplash

The play kitchen already started to look great but /I knew some added backsplash would be the one additive to take this Kid's Play Kitchen to the next level. After looking through a few wallpaper designs, I decided on this black and white Decorative Wallpaper. I knew it would contract really well with the  Deep Forest and I was right.

DIY Play Kitchen

To add the backsplash I took a  1/4" sheet of plywood and cut it down to a 11.5" x 23.5"  piece using my miter saw.  I then cut down the wallpaper using my craft scissors enough so that the wallpaper was slightly longer than the 1/4" plywood piece. To secure the wallpaper to the plywood I used 3M Adhesive

I secured the plywood backsplash piece to the play kitchen using my brad nail gun and 5/8" brad nails. Then I cut out two little small squares to go into the top of the Kid's Play kitchen and used the 3M adhesive to secure that as well. 

Step 6: Paint Over the Play Kitchen Stove

After adding the backsplash, I could see the end in sight. The last thing to do was to paint over the play kitchens stove. It had some pink in it so I wanted to cover it up to match the rest of the play kitchen. 

Play Kitchen 21I used my Painters Tape to tape off a square around the stove top piece and then used a  foam brush to paint on the Rustoleum Chalk Paint -Charcoal. /I had to do about three coats to get full coverage but chalk paint drys a little faster then regular paint, so it didn't take long to dry. 

Kids play Kitchen

While waiting for the chalk paint to dry, I began admiring all of the colors. It turned out way better than I imagined. 

Now let's take another look at the final transformation.

DIY Kid's Play KitchenI couldn't be happier with how this transformation came out. It's amazing what you can do with a little bit of spray paint. It looks like a big transformation but it was fairly easy, something /I'm sure anyone can tackle.

DIY Kid's Play KitchenThe Decorative Wallpaper definitely made this Kid's Play Kitchen seem realistic. This color scheme would be a great color scheme for a real kitchen. This kitchen playset is making me want to be a kid again.

DIY Kid's Play KitchenI think it's safe to say that everyone loves a good before and after and this is definitely a before and after to remember.

DIY Kid's Play Kitchen

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Thanks for reading guys! XOXO, Ashley

July 31, 2019 — Ashley Basnight