"Dremel is bringing endless opportunities."

I've always loved Dremel's because there are so many different things you can tackle with them. So today I wanted to share a run down of six things you can actually accomplish with a Dremel.

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When it comes to Dremel, you might can call me an expert because I have tried them all. Whether new model, or new feature, Ive checked it out and I'm happy to share my experiences with you today.

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1. Calligraphy

If calligraphy is your thing, then you're in luck. Dremel's Stylo Craft Tool is the perfect tool to get those intricate calligraphy job's done.

Dremel Stylo Craft ToolWith its lightweight design and quiet motor, its one tool boulle be glad you have laying around. To learn more about the Dremel Stylo Craft Tool check out my review here.

Dremel 32 in. Flex-Shaft Attachment for Rotary Tools

The Dremel Flex Shaft is also a great alternative for calligraphy. It features a 36 in" long cable. with a 5" bend radius for flexibility and  can be used with the Dremel rotary tools. The Flex shaft like all Dremels, carry so many capabilities. 

2. Cutting

One of the main uses for my Dremel's are normally to cut things. One thing I love about the Dremel brand are the amount of accessories the have to choose from.


Dremel has a Dremel EZ Lock cut-off wheel set for metal and plastic that includes 10 wheels and 1 mandrel. The wheels are labeled for easy application identification and are the perfect addition to my set of accesories.

Dremel 4300These cutting wheels worked out great for making my little wooden bowties. The also couple well with the Dremel 4300. It's ideal for grinding, sanding, cutting, carving and more ad it features Dremel's most powerful motor for maximum performance. It comes with a few great accessories featuring a removable pivot light. 

Check out my full review not he Dremel 4300 here.

Dremel MultiMaxCutting baseboards is also a great way to utilize the Dremel. I have used my Dremel Multi-Max a few times on floor installation projects. Check out how I used my Dremel MultiMax to help install my vinyl flooring in my laundry room here.

Dremel Saw MaxThe Dremel SAW-MAX is also a great Dremel to tackle smaller cuts. A shown above I am cutting some small shims. They aren't as sturdy so I used my saw-max to get the job done. It will make flush cuts, plunge cuts and regular straight cuts with ease and can cut through most materials including metal. And rest assured, you can expect more accessories with any Dremel tool you buy.

3. Sanding

If your a woodworker like me, sanding is a big part of what you do. But every now and then, you have those smaller, more delicate areas that just won't work with a regular sander. Dremel Sanding

I've used my Dremel plenty of times to sand those small spaces, or to sand wood that is delicate to ensure I'm getting the best product.  And rest assured, Dremel has got you covered with accessories for sanding as well.

DREMEL EZ LOCK AND DRUM SANDING/GRINDING ROTARY TOOL ACCESSORY KITThis particular Dremel accessory kit shown above is perfect for grinding and sanding applications, it includes 2 mandrels, 2 grinding stones, 6 sanding discs and more as you can see. The great thing is these accessories are compatible with all of Dremel's rotary tools.

This accessory kit is pictured with the Dremel 8220, and I have to share why this is now my number one go to for Dremel's. Its Cordless! I have been waiting and waiting for Dremel to make their rotary tools cordless, and the Dremel 8220 is an answer to my prayer.


You can really use it on the go and come with a whole case full of accessories and a battery and charger.

Dremel also has a mini-kit for sanding and polishing materials, pictured above.  It helps clean, smooth, polish and restore materials and includes 7 EX Lock polishing and sanding accesories.

4. Filling Pocket Holes

This is probably the most beneficial thing I get from using Dremel's as a woodworker. With every project I'm doing, I am always using pocket holes and most times, I have to take the time to fill them in.

Filling Pocket Holes with a Dremel MultiMax

Luckily, I have found a quick and easy way to fill pocket holes using my Dremel Multi-Max. If you want to be quick with pocket-hole filling, check out my tutorial on filling pocket holes here.

5. Pet Grooming

This may come as a surprise, but Dremel has covered all areas. That's right, even your pet can go out in style with Dremel's Pet Nail Grooming Rotary.


After testing it out on my friends dog, the Dremel Pet Grooming Rotary has officially been dog approved. Check out the full post here.

6. Screwdriver

Now this is one of my favorite of the Dremel's because it's such a practical tool and something I can use often. 

Dremel Screw DriverThis Dremel Go Cordless Screwdriver is more powerful than any existing screwdriver with the same size and has an operation style that allows you to drive screws with just a push. I use this tool when a drill is just too powerful, If your changing out a light switch or just need to drive in a small screw, this is the tool for you. Check out how I put mine to use on my shiplap coat rack here.

Now let's take a look at a quick photo recap of all the things you can do with a Dremel.

Dremel Rotary Tool

If you haven't already experienced the Dremel, I think the time is now.

Thanks for reading guys. XOXO, Ashley
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April 26, 2019 — Ashley Basnight