“A modern bookcase that’s giving me all the farmhouse feels”

I think it’s safe to say that I love all things modern and farmhouse and today I’m excited to be partnering up with Linda for the second time to bring you the free plans for this Modern Farmhouse Bookcase Shelf.

If you've visited my blog before, you are well aware that farmhouse is definitely my friend. I have tons of plans with a farmhouse feel and this build is no different.  

Farmhouse Bookshelf

and can we take minute to drool over how Linda styled these shelves? She is giving me shelve envy. I hope that you enjoy this build just as much as I am because it is B-E-A-U-TIFUL!

DIY Modern Farmhouse BookcaseIf you didn't know, we partnered a while back on her beautiful DIY Industrial Coffee table shown below and she’s back again with this awesome Modern Farmhouse Bookcase and as you can see, she didn’t disappoint. Be sure to go check out Linda’s Instagram to see some other cool pieces she’s built.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Plans

Now let’s get to it!

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Modern Farmhouse Woodworking Plans


5 - 2x2 @ 8ft – Select Pine

2 - 1x2 @ 8ft – Select Pine

2 - 1x3 @ 8ft – Common Board

4 – 1x10 @ 8ft – Common Board

1 - ¾” plywood – 2’x4’

Cut List

12 - 2x2 @ 9 1/4"

4 - 2x2 @ 70 1/2"

2 - 1x4 @ 51.5"

2 - 1x4 @ 12 1/4"

4 - 1x10 @ 50"

1 - ¾” plywood – 12 1/4” x 50”

Step 1 - Assemble the left side of the modern bookshelf by attaching the six (9 1/4") 2x2s to the two (70 1/2"') 2x2s using a Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System on a 1 1/2" setting, with 2 1/2" pocket hole screws to attach along with wood glue. Repeat this step for the other side of the modern bookshelf.

Note: The bottom 2x2 pocket holes should be facing down, the other 2x2 pocket holes should be facing up.

Modern Farmhouse Woodworking Plans

Step 2 - Assemble the bottom the modern bookshelf by attaching the four 1x4 pieces to the bottom plywood piece using brad nails and wood glue. Once the bottom of the bookshelf is constructed, add in the two shelf sides by placing the shelf sides inside of the bottom box and screwing in from the bottom.

Modern Farmhouse Woodworking Plans

Step 3 - Add the (50") 1x10 shelves to the modern bookshelf using brad nails and wood glue. The shelves should be flush with the ends of the shelf sides.

Modern Farmhouse Woodworking Plans

Step 4 - Linda opted to add an additional X brain the back that really elevated this design. Feel free to measure as you go to add the 1x2 X backing. Additionally, if you want a cleaner look, go back through and fill all of the visible pocket holes. For help on how to easily fill pocket holes, check out my technique here.

Modern Farmhouse Woodworking Plans

and that's a wrap! Linda did such a good job with this Modern Farmhouse bookshelf and I can't wait to see your try.

Modern Farmhouse Bookcase

Thanks for reading guys!
XOXO, Ashley
May 31, 2019 — Ashley Basnight