Entryway Tour

Entryway Tour

"They say the entryway is one of the most important rooms in the house."

Im excited to be sharing another piece of my house with you guys! I'm having an even better time decorating everything! Being that the entryway is the first thing you see when you walk in, I knew it was one of the spaces I wanted to tackle early on!

EntrywayI had so many options to choose from, countless rugs I went through to try and nail down a design but I finally found something that I'm happy to share.

The best part is that the table featured in the entryway is a table I made myself! Check out how I made the table here! Talk about satisfaction. I always love when I can fill a room with my own creations.

If your interested in the paint colors I used in the house, check out my post on paint choices I used in my home!

Well enough talk, let's get to the good stuff, the sources!

I decided that the entryway wasn't quite complete so I decided to add some wall paneling, check out the tutorial here. Now I can say the entryway is complete!

Installing wall paneling

Thanks for reading guys!

April 08, 2021 — Ashley Basnight
Home Office Tour

Home Office Tour

"Working from home has never felt better."

Moving into my new home has been such a great experience and I have been having so much fun designing each room! Today, I figured I would share a little home office tour with you guys.


The best part about my office is having a dedicated space to do business work. For the longest time, I was working from the kitchen table at my old house and having this dedicated space has made me so much more productive and easier to stay organized.

Home Office Tour

It doesn't hurt that this room is absolutely beautiful as well! If you've been wondering where I got all of the products from, well today is your lucky day!

There are some affiliate links in this post, meaning I get a small commission if you purchase through these links, at no cost to you. Click Here to read my full disclosure.  

Home Office Sources

  1. Main Office Light
  2. Area Rug
  3. Office Chair
  4. Office Desk
  5. Bicycle Bookends
  6. White and Gold Vase Set
  7. Benjamin Moore - Jade Romanesque
  8. Abstract Art Canvas
  9. Reading Light
  10. Accent Chairs
  11. Hardwood Flooring
  12. Table Lamp
  13. Cord Free Life Blinds

I hope you guys enjoyed a little look into my home office and hopefully all of the links helped give you some inspiration.

Home Office Vibes

As always, thanks for reading, XOXO Ashley.

February 20, 2021 — Ashley Basnight
DIY Mirrored Wall

Mirrored Wall

" Who knew mirrors could look so good!"

When I first started the process of building my home, I knew I wanted a statement piece in my dining room. I had seen projects where people were doing this mirrored paneling, so when I saw that my builder had did a similar mirrored wall in his home, I knew I had to have the same thing.

So many people have been asking for a DIY tutorial on this wall, and even though my builder installed this wall for me, I figured I could at least take you through the process of how it was installed and give my input as to how you too can tackle your own DIY Mirror Wall! Shoutout to McGregor Homes for the beautiful wall!

DIY Mirrored Wall

This wall hands down is my favorite spot in the house, and seems to be a fan favorite! so let's dive into it!


Tools Used

Here is a video tutorial of a similar mirror wall I created.

Step 1: Mapping Out the Squares

The first thing you're going to want to do is map out the trim for your mirrored wall. You want to make sure that your mirrored squares are the same size for symmetry, so it's best to lay out exactly where the trim will go.

Trimming out a mirror wall

With a project like this, sizing is everything and this was the perfect trim sizing. My wall was mapped out to have 1.5" trim on the outer corners and 1" trim in the middle.

Step 2: Installing the Trim

Once the trim is mapped out, it's time to install the trim. Normally, when I'm installing wall paneling I use liquid nails and a brad nailer to attach my trim to the wall.

DIY Mirrored wall framing

Once you've mapped out the trim, the hard part is over. This is probably the most important step to make sure your DIY mirrored wall comes out flawless.

Step 3: Painting the Trim

Now with the trim installed, it's time to paint the trim. With this trim paint, it's good to use a true black so that the mirrors stand out once placed in its slots.

Mirrored wall spray paintingIt's also probably better to use a spray gun here to ensure you get all of the nooks and crannies around the trim. You want the wall to look like one cohesive wall, so make sure you have good coverage.

DIY Mirrored WallMake sure you put enough plastic down for overspray! You don't want to get those clean walls dirty.

Step 4: Adding in the Mirrors

Now on to the fun part; the mirrors. The first time I actually worked with mirrors was before I started my DIY journey. I turned an old vanity into a DIY mirrored makeup vanity. It was then I realized how mirror can transform anything. 

DIY Mirrored VanityI was able to find a local store to get my glass cut down to size and then use a strong adhesive to adhere it. I used this same product when I tackled my own mirror wall.

DIY Mirrored wall

The glass cutter started adding mirrors in to complete the DIY wall and I was so excited with how it was coming out! Now for the lights and outlets, the mirror had to be cut so that the lights and outlets could come through, but that's something the glass company can do once you find a good one!

DIY mirrored wall

If you notice in the picture above, the outlets are white, but they got switched out with these glass mirrored outlet covers and man does it make it look so good.

For a more detailed tutorial on mirror cutting, see me tackle a mirror wall myself in my master bedroom mirror wall tutorial here.

Mirror Wall

The Reveal

I was already ready to take pictures in front of this wall and this wall is a complete show stopper. My builder did a phenomenal job and I'm so happy with how it turned out!

DIY Mirrored Wall

Before I even started putting furniture in my home, it was a show stopper, so I knew it would be that much better once I got it all styled!

DIY Mirrored Wall

The best part is that I have two big French doors right in the front of the wall that bring in so much light and just allows this wall to pop in the day time!

DIY Mirrored Wall

Welp that wraps up the process for my beautiful mirrored wall, I hope my process and tips help you tackle your own and as always, thanks for reading guys, XOXO Ashley.

February 02, 2021 — Ashley Basnight
Home Lighting Choices

Lighting Choices for my Home

"Let there be light."

When I started the home buying process, I was hands down most excited about getting to choose lighting choices. I probably looked at hundreds of lights before choosing the ones I did. But I finally narrowed down my choices and I can't be happier with the choices I made. 

I've had a few request for sources, so I am adding all of my light sources here. If there is something missing, I'm working on getting it added, so don't worry! It's on the way!


Custom kitchen

When it came to kitchen lighting, I went back and forth so many times on which light to choose and also how many lights to put up. Originally, I had decided on three but then decided that I didn't want the lights to look too cluttered and take away from the feel of the kitchen so I decided on these fun modern bulb lights and I'm so glad I did.

Kitchen with Z-Lite pendants

Dining Room

Dining RoomIf I had to pick my most favorite light, the dining room by far takes the cake. I looked through so many lights to find this one and it was so worth it. This light is the perfect combination for this mirror wall and I love it!

Living Room

Living Room ChandelierI knew I wanted to go big in the living room and I knew exactly which light I wanted, so the process of choosing the living room light was a no brainer. I absolutely love gold and this chandelier it definitely a show stopper!


Office Lighting

I wanted to incorporate some color in my office, so I decided to go with green cabinets and I knew I wanted gold lighting in this room, so I knew green cabinetry would be the perfect color to contrast against the gold. I absolutely love my office light and the reading light was also a nice touch.

Outside of the office is the entryway, which features this flush mount light.

I also have the same reading light by my master bedroom. It's the perfect addition for this small little space behind my arch!

Reading Light

Master Closet

Pendant LightNow you may be wondering why my master closet room is empty. Well, I decided to tell my builder to leave the room empty so I can build my own master closet, but I did have him install the lighting for me. I  picked out two small gold pendants; I'm sure you've noticed the common gold theme by now!

Welp, that wraps up the major lighting for my new home! I hoped you guys love my lighting choices just as much as I do. Later guys and as always, thanks for reading, XOXO Ashley.

January 12, 2021 — Ashley Basnight
Paint Colors Used in My Home

Paint Colors Used in My Home

"What paint color is that?"

Throughout this house building process the main question I've gotten has been, what paint color is that? So I figured I would document it all in one place for everyone. You may be surprised that I used minimal colors in my house but I absolutely love the way it came out!
There are endless amount of paint choices and sometimes it can be overwhelming, so I am happy to share some of the colors I used;  let's dive in!

The Office

Home Office with custom Built ins

WALLS: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee at 75% strength /SHEEN:Matte
TRIM: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee at 75% strength /SHEEN:Satin
BOTTOM CABINETS: Benjamin Moore Jade Romanesque /SHEEN: Matte
UPPER CABINETS: White Oak/ Custom Stain

The Kitchen 

Home KitchenWALLS: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee at 75% strength /SHEEN:Matte
TRIM: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee at 75% strength /SHEEN:Satin
BOTTOM CABINETS (under stove): Benjamin Moore Clay Beige /SHEEN: Matte
ALL OTHER CABINETS: Benjamin Moore Creamy White /SHEEN: Matte
ISLAND: White Oak/ Custom Stain

Laundry Room

Laundry RoomWALLS: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee at 75% strength /SHEEN:Matte
TRIM: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee at 75% strength /SHEEN:Satin
BOTTOM CABINET : White Oak/ Custom Stain
UPPER CABINETS: Benjamin Moore Creamy White /SHEEN: Matte


Bathroom with island way tile

WALLS: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee at 75% strength /SHEEN:Eggshell
BOTTOM CABINET : Benjamin Moore Creamy White /SHEEN: Matte
UPPER CABINETS: Benjamin Moore Clay Beige /SHEEN: Matte

Living Room

Living room with Lulu and Georgia Hollingsworth sofa and cami sofa

WALLS: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee at 75% strength /SHEEN:Matte

TRIM: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee at 75% strength /SHEEN:Satin

DOORS: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee at 75% strength /SHEEN:Eggshell

Welp that wraps up all of the interior house colors, hope you enjoyed!!
December 07, 2020 — Ashley Basnight